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5 Best Places to Shop from In Singapore

That one thing which every shopaholic knows that Singapore is not cheap. We all know that feeling of being over excited to hit a store only to realise that you can buy one dress because everything is just so expensive. Well girls, not anymore! From my recent visit to Singapore I realised that I don’t have to empty my bank to be able to shop all my favourite things in Singapore.

All you need to be a little patient and imaginative and you’ll be proud of yourself walking down the streets of Singapore, showing off your sexy outfits.

These places I’ve been to for shopping makes me feel content about the whole experience.

Scape is a great place where you can find mostly blog shops selling their products at a cheaper price even compared to their website, which I find a great concept for bloggers like us to showcase our merchandise not even online but at such retail stalls as well. It’s sort of a flea market which is best for accessories and casual clothing.

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Fleawhere When in Singapore, search for Fleawhere and you’ll be able to search various locations where flea markets are held during those days by this group. It’s mostly an indoor air conditioned market, where you’ll be able to find smart and chick clothing and accessories. Here you have to be a bit cautious and careful as some of the vendors also sell second hand/used clothes, so just keep an eye on it and you’ll be able to change your entire wardrobe.

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Bugis Street is my favourite place to shop when in Singapore. It is undoubtedly the biggest street shopping place there.  It’s full of tiny alleys and there are chances of you being lost in this shopping maze. I would recommend to visit Bugis Street atleast once for the clothing range for both women and men. You’ll be able to find a lot of variety and you never know you will discover various trends out there, just mix and match clothes from different shops and you will definitely get whatever you seek in Bugis Street.

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Lucky Plaza It is a shopping paradise for every shopaholic, full of shops selling jewellery, really cheap clothes and accessories. It is situated right in the centre of Orchard Road, one should must visit here. Being all shops in this plaza, still you’ll be able to bargain for most of the items as the people are very friendly.

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City Plaza If you wish to buy products in bulk then this is the place for you, here again you’ll find a lot of blog shops but the prices are a little on a higher side. It is advisable that you get a lot of stuff from here in order to get a better price.

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So these are my top 5 places to shop from in Singapore, which will obviously not hurt your pocket. People have this image of Singapore, being most expensive but with this list you can prove all of them wrong. Not only you’ll get all trendy products but at a very ridiculously low prices.

P.S: Just be patient and confident on what you wish to buy and you’ll be proud of what you bought at such a cheaper cost.

Let me know if I’ve missed any place, I would love to visit it on my next trip to Singapore.

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    I was fuzzy and confused about which store to trust and which not to, this post kinda helped me with my trip to Singapore
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