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The Vistara Airlines Business Class Experience

When you’re a frequent flyer, the smallest of details make a huge difference in the way your flights turn out. For those of us who spend a lot of time in airplanes, comfort and efficiency make all the difference in the world. Which is why we’re lucky when we get to travel business class. We got to check out the Business Class of Vistara Airlines a while back, and here’s what we think about it:

Vistara is a new player in the field but it’s already making good impressions. It is of course very well assisted by their brilliant branding. A look at the brand colours of purple and gold is enough to give us an idea of the kind of class that the airlines are all about. Our Vistara Airlines Business Class experience was accordingly classy, a real treat on the road.

Boarding and Welcome 


The efficiency started at the airport. When travelling with Vistara Airlines Business Class,  you get an exclusive check-in counter, so you’ll not have to wait in line and you also get extra luggage allowance, which is always a plus point. The time you spend at the airport is further reduced by the exclusive Security Check Area for Business and First Class Customers. What we also really liked was that we got lounge access, so our wait time was also very comfortable.

When boarding the plane, Vistara Airlines business class flyers are seated even before the Economy Class flyers are allowed inside the plane, which is a good way to avoid stress while travelling. When seated, we were given a welcome drink and a cold towel just before we took off and this was a very nice touch especially when you’re tired from a long day’s work. The welcome didn’t stop there though. We were given another glass of fresh juice to rehydrate.

Food on the Vistara Airlines Business Class

The best thing about a Business Class ticket though is the choice of food, which is so much better than what you’re offered in Economy Class. Vistara Airlines Business Class offers an extensive, delicious menu which includes starters, main course and a sweet dish. We were also given Starbucks Coffee and other drink options after the meal, which was served with cookies.

Necessary Comforts

Comfort wise also, Vistara Airlines Business Class does offer a lot that you will not get on an economy ticket. Like leg room, reclining seats with pillows and quilt. Our flight attendants made sure that we were well taken care of during our flight, and we were quite comfortable all through. Our flight ended with us leaving first, collecting our luggage before anyone else did and enjoying the feeling of stress-free travel.

Vistara Airlines Business Class was all in all a great experience with all the pampering and the comforts we got to taste. Well worth the extra money for all the extra benefits we were privy to.


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