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10 Best Anti-Ageing Food For You

Here’s a secret that shouldn’t be a secret at all. Skin that remains youthful for a long time is not impossible, you just need to choose from the options available and it’s as easy as digging into your kitchen and making a quick trip to the supermarket.

New Year is just around the corner and with these nutritious and yum food you don’t need to worry about ageing at all!

Yep. One sure shot way to delay signs of ageing is to update your diet. Along with that, ensure you stay hydrated, well rested and do not skip on the sunscreen and you will find that you’ll age much better. What are you waiting for? Preserve your skin by including these 10 best anti-ageing food in your meals. The best part? They’re all yummy:


Fish is anti ageing

If there’s one good reason why you should love fish, it’s for the Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Skin superfoods present in fish, especially the oily ones, these Omega 3 fatty acids promote cell growth and strengthen skin cell membranes keeping your skin supple and nails healthy.


Avocado is anti ageing

Avocado is a wonder fruit for all its health benefits. Include a lot of avocados in your diet to keep your skin soft and healthy. This is because Avocados are enriched with Vitamin E, biotin and essential fatty acids.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate is anti ageing

Need an excuse to treat yourself today? Here you go. Dark, premium quality chocolate has antioxidant flavanols that reduce the effects of UV light on your skin. It also has been reported to reduce wrinkles by improving circulation. Additional benefits are that it makes you feel good and hence helps fight stress.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Vegetables are anti ageing

Remember Popeye, the cartoon sailor who stayed strong to the finish because he ate his spinach? Turns out that is one important lesson to learn. Green leafy veggies like spinach have UV-light-damage fighting anti-oxidants that will keep you looking green longer.


Love berries? You really should eat more of too because they are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C that fight those wrinkle causing radicals and UV-light-damage. The darker the berry, the higher the antioxidant content, so go wild for your desserts (hello blueberries!).


Tomatoes and watermelon are anti ageing

Tomatoes (and watermelons) are rich in lycopene, a nutrient that acts as an internal sunblock and prevents damage from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Plus they are also rich in Vitamin C, which promotes the production of skin supporting collagen, thereby keeping your skin firm.

Green Tea

green tea is anti ageing

Apart from reducing your stress levels and giving you a hug from the inside, green tea is an excellent anti-ageing elixir because it contains a good amount of the antioxidant called flavonoids that protect against diseases and cell damage from toxins.


Almonds are anti ageing

High in Vitamin E (the skin vitamin), almonds will give you the soft and supple skin your desire. Try snacking on them daily to give yourself the day’s recommended vitamin E dose, thus ensuring good health for your skin cells.


Oats are anti ageing

Oats are rich in carbs and carbs are good for the skin! We’re not kidding, we’re actually asking you to keep eating carbs (healthy carbs that is) because carbs increase the production of serotonin, your happy hormone. And a happy body is a healthy body and a happy, healthy body always radiates with youthfulness.

Oranges (and other colourful fruits)

Fruits are anti ageing

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, the nutrient that regulates collagen production. Plus they keep you hydrated. Plus they taste good. In general, having a lot of colourful fruits in your diet is good for your skin because you’re getting a lot of essential nutrients in.

I hope these healthy foods will make you healthier in the coming year!

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2018 from Team Miss Bloggess 🙂

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