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Don’t go for just a normal facial, try Skeyndor Therapy!

With the start of winter season, we all need to take care of our skin a little more than usual as it makes our skin dry and we tend to eat a lot of junk while soaking in the sun. The damage is done by the cold dry season, junk food, sun and the worst of all is pollution in Delhi. So, for all of the above reasons I get a facial done as and when it is required by my skin. It doesn’t just relieve all the stress but also cleanse and the deep massage rejuvenates the skin. As you enter your 30’s a regular facial is a must to keep your skin healthy and tightened. But recently with a lot of travelling my face looked dull and tanned so I thought that just a normal facial is not enough and that’s when I found out about Skeyndor, it clicked me because it’s a combination of dermatologic treatment and a regular facial.

Skeyndor is Spanish brand which started in 1966, and since then it is continuously innovating and setting trends in the cosmetics industry. It’s been in India since 2011 and they have also tied with with a lot of renowned salons in India, like I choose Gitanjali Salon in the Mall of India Noida.

As my skin is highly sensitive, I don’t usually experiment too much with my skin. I was suggested the Skeyndor Aquatherm Therapy, which is great for sensitive skin like mine.

The treatment starts with exfoliation but not with a scrub instead they used a liquid glycolic peel which cleansed my skin and it requires no rubbing, just a simple application on the entire face. After cleansing a serum was applied by mesoporation it calms all sensitivity. Skeyndor has it’s own patented technology called MESO INFUSION DCS that has been designed to provide aesthetic therapy treatments using cosmetics by means of activating currents, hydro electrophoresis, electroporation. It is also known as virtual or needless mesotherapy, which is absolutely painless. This technology helps the serum to go deeper into the skin to give a long lasting effect. With the help of the machine the serum was massaged over the face and it instantly hydrated my skin. Post this a mask was applied and then with cryotherapy, my face was treated to a minus 10 temperature with the same machine which helped decrease the pore size.

The result of the treatment reflects immediately, it gives an instant glow to the skin which lasts longer. Your skin may appear a little red but it subsides in a couple of days.

I would rate this treatment a good 4/5, which is a must try for all of you. 😊

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